Amblyopia Games
"I'm 58 and am starting to use my right eye for the first time in my life!"
"My lazy eye improved a lot. I can now watch 3D movies. Thanks so much."

Amblyopia (also known as Lazy Eye) is treatable. Vision therapy has proven highly successful, but it can be expensive. Now you can exercise your eyes at home with games and activities on your tablet or phone!

Parents of kids with Amblyopia and those affected directly by the condition know how hard it can be to find quality material to manage Lazy Eye. We know--we've looked hard for enjoyable anti-suppression activities to maintain and improve binocular vision.

We care deeply about our loved ones and after being disappointed by other solutions on the market, we decided to build one for ourselves. Now it's time to share what we built with others in the same situation.

Amblyopia Games aims to provide the highest quality activities for the management of Ambloypia. Based on your input, we are building an effective, enjoyable selection of games to maintain and improve the health of your eyes. Send us your feedback and suggestions directly from the app--we want to hear from you!

If you have been looking for an effective, high-quality app to exercise your eyes, try Amblyopia Games today!

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